IT Sector

IT asset management made simple.
Catalogue, track, locate and maintain your IT assets in the cloud with software
uniquely customised to your organisation’s needs.

Identify, track and maintain all your IT assets through their lifecycle, no matter where they are located.

Our goal is to make your IT asset management (ITAM) process easier. Whether your business is large or small, our cloud asset management is customised to your organisation’s needs, speeding up asset tracking, reporting, business processes and importantly, helping you save time and manage your IT assets and budgets more effectively.

Designed to be flexible and intuitive, Assettrac’s solution is feature-rich and constantly evolving, this means we deploy an IT asset tracking system customised to your business needs both now and into the future. 

Record all the critical data you need for your ITAM processes including (but not limited to):

  • Supplier info, purchase details & serial numbers
  • Maintenance, status and lifecycles
  • Assignment to staff
  • Returns to manufacturer
  • Alerts for key dates and criteria
  • Real-time updates of asset location (asset tagging)…and much more.

Fully secure with dedicated logins and held on Amazon Web Services with fully elastic cloud storage. No extra IT resources needed, ongoing customer and technical support is included as standard.

Some of Our Clients

Over the years, we have had the pleasure to work in many different sectors and have used our experience to provide a flexible and portable asset management service to all

Having a customisable cloud-based system helps us tailor the information appropriately making it much easier for the customer to implement a system that’s based around their needs rather than the other way around.

From tracking medical samples, to air conditioning, laptops to precious metals we have helped provide the relevant information at the right time to maximise use of resources, whether that’s people or goods.

This information can only be gained by using centralised, real-time solutions. Assettrac would look forward to any discussion as to how we can help provide this for you.

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