Survey and Safety Inspections

Create simple or complex digital inspections.
They’re quicker, more robust and more reportable.

Whether they’re asset-based or not, we help you tailor-make and digitise any type of inspections to your unique requirements. Make staff more efficient and have them undertake work in half the time of usual pen and paper reporting.

Central Customisable Portal

Having one central portal holding all the information from work undertaken out in the field, makes keeping on top of a situation much easier. Quickly analyse and show specific information for any evidence or compliance needs. Apply to LOLER, PUWER, Asbestos, Legionnaires or any of your own equipment or area inspections.

Better Management

Better data input provides better management information and decision-making. Customisable to your particular circumstances, track information added by users out on your estate. Our system can give you and your team operational awareness and greater oversight into work undertaken and critical enforcement that work processes are followed.

Real Time Updates

Whether it be areas checked, filters changed, repairs made or readings taken – reporting on all these can be long-winded and time-consuming. Using our handheld technology can let you log this all in super-quick time. Hold multiple inspection criteria for sites, staff or equipment.

Controlled Input

We can also help you lead staff down a path of specific data inputs – get away from free text and a license to be creative. Also work in relational information like customer data added to your system where required.

The Only Asset Tracking Software You'll Ever Need

Centralised Asset Management Service

Cloud-Based Hosting

RFID, QR and Barcode

Support Every Step of the Way

Safe and Secure

Complete Visibility

Complete Solution

  • Scalable self-tailoring asset management software
  • Continuous customer and technical support
  • We can recommend and provide any hardware requirements
  • Assettrac team helps you get underway with initial setup

Easy to Use

  • No more paperwork
  • Intuitive online portal
  • User friendly interface
  • Add and Update system quickly at your desk or on the move.
  • Quick search and filtering for all current information

Fast and Mobile

  • Access information 24/7
  • Use on desktop browser, mobiles, hardy scanners or tablets.
  • Scan all types of tags QR, Barcode, RFID we can recommend and provide
  • Update and view data in real-time

Understand Your Business

  • Track whereabouts, critical information, movements and report on current situations.
  • Create digital inspections for your items or areas.
  • Full oversight of situations within single or multiple sites.


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