Precision, Real-Time Asset Tracking with RTLS

Gain pinpoint accuracy in real-time with RTLS.

Using passive and active RTLS (Remote Tracking Location Systems) powered by Assettrac’s cloud asset tracking platform, we help you to digitally locate, track, manage and monitor any number of physical assets indoors, in multiple locations and on the move.

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A Bird's Eye View of All Your Assets

RTLS enables businesses to track and monitor physical assets at a more detailed level. From stock, to machinery or research data, track assets as they move location, create movement alerts and monitor critical operational data such as temperature, performance and condition.

Clinical Research Organisation, Richmond Pharmacology deployed an indoor, passive Assettrac RTLS solution to help them track valuable research data, IT assets and protect their IP.

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RTLS asset tracking with assettrac
physical asset management software and solutions tailored to your business

Real-time Business Intelligence in as Little as 45 Days

Assettrac’s granular data and bespoke reporting means you can quickly and easily analyse the asset trends that enable you to implement business improvements, reduce waste and improve operational performance.

Even better, with your custom RTLS system deployed in as little as 45 days you’ll have powerful actionable business data at your fingertips fast.

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RTLS Asset Tracking Systems Customised to Your Business Operations

Passive RFID Tracking

Active RFID Tracking

Bluetooth LE, GSM, IoT, UWB

Real-time Business Intelligence

Optimise Asset Usage

Complete Visibility

Accurate, Robust, Scalable, User-Friendly

Assettrac RTLS is user-friendly and customised to your business.

Your system will be tailored to your business’ unique operational, reporting and environmental needs meaning you can accurately identify and track assets across multiple sites, as well as assets on the move.

Integrate with existing business information systems, create time-saving digital workflows and define bespoke reporting and alerts. 

Importantly, Assettrac is scalable and adaptable to the changing needs of your business, lengthening the lifespan of your investment.

Compliance Reporting, Safety & Quality Control

With your assets, inspection and maintenance data all in one place, you can speed up compliance and safety reporting.

On a day-to-day basis, RTLS makes it simpler to maintain product quality controls by monitoring factors such as environment, temperature and performance and setting alerts for any changes in asset status.

Complete Solution

  • Scalable, tailorable asset management software
  • Continuous customer and technical support included
  • Hardware recommended & supplied
  • Customised & implemented for you

Easy to Use

  • No more paperwork
  • Intuitive online portal
  • User-friendly interface
  • Add and update system quickly at your desk or on the move.
  • Quick search and filtering for all current information

Fast and Mobile

  • Access information 24/7
  • Use on desktop browser, mobiles, hardy scanners or tablets.
  • Active & passive RTLS tracking
  • Custom reporting
  • Integration into business systems
  • Update and view data in real-time

Understand Your Business

  • Optimise asset usage & reduce waste
  • Track whereabouts, critical information, movements and report on current status.
  • Create digital inspections for your items or areas.
  • Full oversight of all assets within single or multiple sites.

RTLS & Asset Tracking FAQs

What can information can I track with RTLS?

Track the status of a huge range of data elements with RTLS including: location, movement, usage, temperature, environment, performance.

What technology do you need for RTLS?

The technology used will depend on the demands of your operation such as active or passive tracking and whether your system is purely indoors or tracking your items moving across the country.  Technologies include: IoT, UWB (Ultra Wideband Bluetooth), Bluetooth LE (BLE), GSM, RFID.