Asset Registers and Inventories

No matter what asset records you have, track them better in one secure central place
Digitally access the right information, and its history, for more streamlined management in this area.

Store and track the information that is important to you with Assettrac’s completely customisable portal.

Keep a Record

The right asset information is vital for any organisation. No matter what industry you work in, we will help you create and manage you’re own digital asset register, take inventories, record maintenance and track any critical information. Whether items stay in-situ or move around, we can help you easily keep on top of a changeable situation and access the right information, wherever you are and at any time.

Increase Accuracy and Accountability

Empower your workforce whilst keeping it streamlined. Devolve responsibility to keep asset information and work processes updated. Where necessary, use handhelds to update item information directly to your online portal. Add values, documents, pictures and other information easily. Manage current and archived items with full traceability.

Save More

Digitise your business and reduce costs in numerous ways. Manage with the correct information, minimise replacement expenditure, utilise equipment well. Trace or identify areas of poor performance, squeeze more from critical budgets and streamline workflows to be more efficient. The system can easily pay for itself with improvements to the business.

Import Legacy Systems or Start Afresh

Whether you are moving away from paper systems and digitising for the first time or want to migrate from an existing system, Assettrac’s portable and flexible software swiftly registers and records your assets with up to date reporting. Import and export functionality from excel or other systems and integrate as required.

The Only Asset Tracking Software You'll Ever Need

Centralised Asset Management Service

Cloud-Based Hosting

RFID, QR and Barcode

Support Every Step of the Way

Safe and Secure

Complete Visibility

Complete Solution

  • Scalable self-tailoring asset management software
  • Continuous customer and technical support
  • We can recommend and provide any hardware requirements
  • Assettrac team helps you get underway with initial setup

Easy to Use

  • No more paperwork
  • Intuitive online portal
  • User friendly interface
  • Add and Update system quickly at your desk or on the move.
  • Quick search and filtering for all current information

Fast and Mobile

  • Access information 24/7
  • Use on desktop browser, mobiles, hardy scanners or tablets.
  • Scan all types of tags QR, Barcode, RFID we can recommend and provide
  • Update and view data in real-time

Understand Your Business

  • Track whereabouts, critical information, movements and report on current situations.
  • Create digital inspections for your items or areas.
  • Full oversight of situations within single or multiple sites.


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