On-site Asset Audits & Asset Tagging

Save time identifying, updating and reporting on your physical asset data across all your sites.

On-site Asset Tagging & Logging Services

Updating and managing all your asset information can be a massive task.  

Assettrac’s experienced on-site asset audit teams use the latest technologies to carry out asset tagging and data collection for you, or enable you to do it with your team, in the most quick and easy fashion possible. 

We can be on-site and provide an update of all your items, locations and status of current assets so you have the most recent and accurate data. As a third party we can objectively identify specific equipment as well as record other specific elements and log photos where required.

From one-off audits to regular re-verification updates, we provide the resources so your teams can get on with their day jobs.

  • Flexible & accurate – audits planned around your project objectives & timelines.
  • Understand not only what you have and where but also undertake condition surveys and other assessments.
  • Over 20 years’ experience across numerous sectors.
  • Efficient – concentrated visits for minimum disruption & maximum data capture
  • Latest asset tagging & reporting technologies 
  • Barcode, QR Code, RFID tags
  • DBS checked for secure & sensitive environments such as schools, airports & hospitals.
  • Supply asset tags, scanners & hardware

Don't Take Our Word For It

On-site Asset Auditing and Verification

Whether it’s tagging and logging items in an area for the first time or updating all the latest information on existing items, or a mixture of both, we have an experienced and dedicated team to identify, tag and update inventory on-site.

Clients then often choose to combine the on-site audit with a dedicated, customised and real-time cloud reporting and management system for faster, more accurate management of physical assets.

Asset Audit Project Management

We work with you to understand the size and scope of your project and your end goals, whether it’s financial, operational or simply a one-off project. Whatever the type of asset from IT to AV, furniture to M&E, industrial to manufacturing or educational to medical we’ve we’ve completed projects in every environment you can imagine.

Whether your estate is small or large, we will provide all the resources required to deliver your asset audit whether in the UK or internationally.  With Assettrac’s highly flexible asset management software your asset audit is delivered in the most speedy and efficient way possible with the data modelled to your needs. 

Hardware & Asset Tags

Every business is different and it’s vital to select the right asset tags, materials and hardware for the job and field environment and future management. We recommend and supply the tags and devices based on your work environment, usage and requirements.

Ongoing Asset Tracking Solutions & Management

We’ve been supplying customised asset tracking and management software for businesses worldwide for over 20 years.  We provide the expertise and support you need to roll out and manage a cloud digital asset tracking solution for your business, from defining data requirements, digital processes and reporting to implementing the system for you in as little as 30 days.


Our first-class customer support goes hand-in-hand with our asset tracking portal – it’s a dedicated service and it’s specific to you. You won’t have to take a ticket, just send us an email or give us a call and we’ll talk.


To get staff buy-in for any new system requires training. We provide all types of training both online and face-to-face. We can train all users or provide a train-the-trainer process. The training is flexible and can be designed around your roll-out and business needs.  

LEN DRY - Site Manager - Christchurch Bentink School London

‘We have just had a financial audit, they looked at everything – including our asset register that you had prepared for us. It was certainly put to the test. The auditors’ examined it in great detail picking items throughout the asset register and asking to see the actual items for themselves. On the third day of inspection the auditors gave their summing up of their visit and were happy to give an outstanding classification with a special reference to the asset register.’

So, thank you Assettrac, I would be happy to recommend your system to anyone who needs to keep track of their equipment in a simple to use and easy to understand way.

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