Save time and resources tracking and managing healthcare equipment, clinical and research data and any compliance processes with customised asset tracking software.

Track, manage and report on all your healthcare assets in real time.

Whether it’s via user scanning equipment or automated RTLS (Remote Tracking Location Systems), maximising the use of assets, resources and protecting clinical data has never been more important.

We help hospitals, healthcare providers, suppliers and research organisations innovate, increase efficiency and reduce costs with customised asset tracking systems that deliver powerful, actionable real-time data.

Realtime Asset Management
Pinpointing your assets, managing and maintaining equipment, tracking usage & workflows all become easy in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

Reduce Expenditure
Reduce expenditure leakage through better asset utilisation and reduced replacement spend.

Demonstrate Compliance
From maintenance and inspection regimes to monitoring risk or environmental standards, instantly create and share critical reports.

Situational Awareness
Real-time reporting instantly allows you to understand your operation. Create rules that immediately update others or help manage stock and distribution or any other critical management data.

Some of Our Clients

We believe software should be customised to your business needs - not the other way around.

Assettrac’s cloud asset tracking and management system has been developed by asset tracking experts with experience across hundreds of businesses and sectors worldwide.  A highly flexible and customisable system, you get all the functionality you need and nothing that you don’t.

Even better? We configure and implement it for you within 45 days.*

Customised Healthcare Asset Tracking Software - Delivered in Just 45 Days*

Digital asset register for any physical asset. Audit trail for every item.

Customisable asset data, track documentation & photos where required.

Critical equipment - regular or intermittent use

Consumables e.g. gas, PPE stock and supplies.

RTLS - tracking the path of individual assets

Revenue-generating assets & services incl. client reports and invoicing

Granular reporting customised to your organisation

Inspections & maintenance regimes - standard or ad-hoc

Secure and used regularly by the NHS. All backed up to ISO27001 standards.

Full customer and technical support included

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Clinical data & IT asset management


Multiple locations

cliniwaste partners with assettrac for asset management portal, software, business process improvements, tagging and tracking

Clinical waste tracking

Multiple locations

Multi-point check-in/out

Compliance & client reporting

Rowcroft Hospice is a healthcare organisation using assettrac as an equipment tracking system.

Medical equipment tracking

Inspection & maintenance

Multiple locations

*45 days – on average, systems can take 45 days to implement but they can take fewer than 30 days, it all depends on the scale and specification.

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