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About Assettrac

Why should we talk to Assettrac?

Assettrac is one of the longest-standing and reputable asset tracking and management companies.  For more than 20 years, we’ve been delivering customised asset tracking software and apps across all sectors of industry, business and the public sector both in the UK and around the world.  What this means to your business is that we know how to deliver asset tracking solutions that deliver maximum results for your organisation, whether you’re a small business or a global operation.

Can I access my data at any point?

Certainly. Because the software is browser-based. Just fire up your internet connection (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge etc) and click on the link provided and you can access your dedicated portal 24/7.

Which industries is this asset tracking software for?

Assettrac is a highly flexible asset tracking system that can be adapted for use in any industry, commercial business or public sector organisation, helping you digitise your processes that involve asset tracking, stock control, facilities and maintenance, surveys and safety management, tracking revenue-producing assets and any other critical information.  We’d be happy to demonstrate how Assettrac can be customised for your unique business needs and save you time.  Request a free demo.

What is Epitrace?

Epitrace is an invisible marking system for the cemeteries and crematoria sector. Designed for your natural burial area, it links a unique microchip identification to the burial or ashes register.  More accurate than GPS and maintenance-free, Epitrace provides long-term peace of mind over who is where.  Assettrac also offers additional services such as memorial tracking and safety audits and equipment and site maintenance management systems.

Do you have experience of conducting asset audits in sensitive environments such as hospitals?

Yes, our clients include hospitals, clinics, hospices and care homes.  For the education sector, all our auditors are DBS checked.  We know our way around universities, labs, manufacturing, warehouse locations and corporate offices too.

Can the software be tailored to my business needs and processes?

Absolutely. Every system is tailored to the individual client.  We customise it and set it up for you initially but we also train you how to adapt your own portal, so that you can continue to make changes as your business grows. We can also provide this as a partner support option.

Can you provide us with all the technology and asset tags we might need?

We will source and provide the right tools, hardware and asset tags for your needs.  We work with you to recommend and implement the appropriate technology solution and provide you with the support you need while you’re using it.

We're currently tracking assets, servicing and maintenance on spreadsheets, how easy is it to switch to digital?

You’re not alone.  A lot of our clients have been tracking assets using paper-based and spreadsheet processes.  One client reduce the time spent weekly on safety inspections from 2 days to 2 hours!  Our consultants will talk to you about how the system can be implemented for your business to save you time and resources.

Could you help us tag and log our fixed assets, inventory & portable equipment?

As well as being a software company, we also have on-site teams that can undertake a complete audit and asset tagging of all our important property, helping you manage your items more efficiently for financial reporting, insurance, compliance, general management or on an operational basis.

Is your system fully cloud-based?

Yes.  Assettrac is a fully cloud-based system.  By being on the cloud we can ensure you are securely backed-up and we can easily see your system to provide support at any point.  Cloud has the added benefit of ensuring your system stays fully up-to-date with the latest updates.

How does Assettrac Work?

What kind of assets can I track?

Physical asset tracking is easy with Assettrac.  With over 4 million assets tracked worldwide, the sky’s the limit with the type of assets you can track.  From fixed assets, moveable assets and even your staff and health and safety equipment.  Assettrac’s zonal, wifi tracking is being used by more clients to increase automation and provide a record and location of every single item and where they are moved to in specified areas.

How many assets can I track?

As many as you need.  We do not charge you more as the number of assets grows in your business.  Your system is built aroiund your business requirements and we do not limit the number of assets you can track on your assettrac portal.

Data Security: where is my data held?

Your data is held both with UK Ionos services and Amazon Web Services (AWS UK) one of the most highly secure data storage providers in the world today. Certified to ISO 9001 and ISO27001 standards and backed up daily. We provide 28-day back-ups as a standard additional service, in case you want to roll back to a particular date point. Providing our customer with the ability to manage their assets at any time is our business, so we continually review the best way to do this. Your data remains yours, we will provide you with the platform to manage it 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection. If you ever wanted to leave then we’d supply all your data in an agreed format for your onward uses.

Please note, if your business needs your data stored in another territory, e.g. on US servers, this is also available.

How can I access or download my data?

You can access, interrogate and download your data at any time (24/7).  Your portal is browser-based and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, either on-site or in the office.  Please note, for your security there will be user access levels in place that will define who can download data or reports.

Your portal will work on any browser, e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge.

I already have asset data, can I import it into Assettrac?

Yes.  If the assets are uniquely identifiable they can be imported to be available in your portal to use from the start.  If not, then your inventory will need to be uniquely identified using a tag so that specific information can be collected about it.  We can help you do this or show you how to do it easily yourself.  We can also import your list data so information like your locations can also be available when you launch (or just add the data as you go).

Can I work offline?

Certainly.  Using our handheld devices you can log items even when you have no internet connection.  Your data is collected and sent to your portal as soon as your connection is re-established.

We're an international company, can you support different languages?

Yes, your system can be easily adapted to support languages other than English.

Can I integrate Assettrac with other business systems?

Yes, Assettrac can be configured to pull or push data to other systems.  For example, financial or operational systems.  Assettrac allows csv import/export functionality (manual or automatic), or automated data transfer through Microsoft ODBC to connect to any specialist reporting packages you want to use.

How do you help with implementation?

Getting your asset tracking portal implemented smoothly is important.  That’s why our team of consultants provide as much support in implementation as required.  Typically, we will customise your system to your specific business needs but some clients prefer a blank canvas to customise themselves.  Various face-to-face and online training options are available plus training tools and documentation.  Whatever the circumstances or stage of the process, we will be on hand to get you up and running fast.

How long will it take for my asset tracking system to be up and running?

It depends on the complexity and size of your business and also any additional services you might need.  Simple systems could take as little as 10 days and a more complex solution an average of 90 days.  Please note, the implementation time-frame will often include asset tags and user training.  For more details, check out our case studies to see examples of businesses of all sizes.

What if our business changes, can we update our system to our changed needs?

Absolutely.  Our technical team is there to support you and help make sure your system continues to meet your business needs as it evolves.  It’s so easy to customise that Assettrac clients will adapt and build their systems themselves, enabling them to track new workflows or parts of the business.  Other clients ask Assettrac to do the adaptations for them which we will happily do!

How do I get hold of support?

Technical and customer support comes as standard with Assettrac. The customer and technical support team is available Monday to Friday 0800-1700.  As an Assettrac client, there is no limit on any support, so we can provide as much or as little as you need and you can always guarantee that you’ll speak to humans to get your questions answered.  Just phone or email us (no ticketing system) and you’ll talk directly to your dedicated team.  Call +44 (0)1273 491267.

Can I track revenue-producing assets & inventory?

Our clients track and manage a huge range of revenue-producing assets with Assettrac.  Your customised system can help you track the journey of a single asset through to invoicing.  Some examples include gas cylinders and tote boxes.  Read more in our case studies.

Asset Management, Asset Tracking & Asset Audits

What is an asset audit?

An asset audit is a systematic and comprehensive identification and verification of a company’s physical assets. Physical assets encompass a huge range of items from inventory to facilities, machinery and equipment to tools, technology and even fire and safety equipment assets. The type, data  and value of assets that can be recorded is almost limitless..  

During the asset audit, you will be verifying  the existence, condition, and value of your assets, ensuring that they are accurately represented in the company’s financial records, asset register or critical management systems.  Read more here.

How often should I track my business' physical assets?

Historically, most businesses have tracked their physical assets on an annual cycle to feed into their financial reporting, however changing business demands can drive a need for a organisation to conduct audits more frequently, e.g. trigger events, industry-specific or compliance requirements or a need for continuous monitoring for operational efficiency.  Read more here.

Asset tags, Asset labels & hardware

Do I need to buy asset labels?

Yes. To track specific assets digitally you will need labels and hardware.  Assettrac can advise on and supply the right technologies and labels and support you through implementation and on-going care.  We supply tags for  barcode asset tracking, QR codes, RFID asset tags and IoT.  We also supply handheld devices and to help you get up and running quickly, we can deliver an on-site tagging and data logging service, either as an initial phase or re-verification of existing assets or as part of a regular service.

Do I need to buy hardware or can I use the app on our smartphones/tablets?

Our apps work on all devices. Depending on your circumstances, you can either use your own mobile devices or we can source ones with an inbuilt scanner.

What types of asset tags do we need?

We will advise on and source the best tools and tags for your business needs. Asset tags and labels include RFID, QR code and barcode labels that can be customised with your branding.  It’s also important to consider the environment.  If your assets are regularly outside or in extreme environments, we will supply tags that are durable and waterproof.


Can I buy Assettrac on subscription?

Assettrac is not sold on tiered subscriptions like you see with many other SaaS providers.  Our belief is that one-size does not fit all.  Each system is customised and pricing is dependent on size, scale and the complexity required for your business.  A typical system starts at an average £2,500 per year.

Are asset tags included in the cost of my system?

Asset tags are ordered and charged separately to your asset tracking portal as your needs will change from year to year, this means that you are not charged for asset tags that you don’t use.

Can I have a free trial of Assettrac?

Assettrac does not generally offer free trials as each system is customised for each client.

Typically we find that most businesses don’t have the time to upload data and trial multiple systems and simply want to know whether a software will work for them.  To answer this, we provide a tailored demonstration to show how the software and its customisation can help a business of your type with your unique business needs. To get your questions answered, click here to book an online session with one of our consultants.



Do you offer any discounts?

We’d like to hear from you.  Please contact us if you believe a discount is applicable.



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