Please find details below of our most frequently asked questions

We understand that everybody’s requirements are different and haven’t yet had a solutions challenge we couldn’t rise to!

If you can’t find the information you are looking for or would like to talk to us direct please do call us on 01273 491267 or email enquiries@assettrac.co.uk.

Why should we talk to Assettrac?

We operate with all sectors and have over twenty years experience of providing solution in this area (private and public sector.) We provide for many trusted names in long-standing continuing relationships to enhance their operation.

Can I tailor the software around my circumstances?

Absolutely. We can help with set this up with initially but we train you how to adapt your own portal and how it can be focussed on the information important to your business.

Can I access my data at any point?

Certainly. Because the software is browser-based. Just fire up your internet connection (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge etc) and click on the link provided and you can access your dedicated portal 24/7.

How do you help with implementation?

We provide as much support in implementation as required. We can customise the portal to your exacting needs, or provide a blank canvass for your own customisation. We can provide different training options depending on your circumstances and training aides or process documentation if you need this level detail. Whatever the circumstances and whatever the stage we will be at hand to get you happily up and running as required.

Are you independent?

Yes we are the software developers and we provide all the support. We also have no particular relationship with hardware suppliers so can recommend and source the right tools, that are already tried and tested, for your circumstances.

Where is my data held?

Your data is held with Amazon Web Services (AWS) one of the most highly secure data storage providers in the world today. Certified to ISO 9001 and ISO27001 standards and backed up daily. We also provide 90days backups as a standard additional service too in case you want to roll back to a particular date point.Providing our customer with the ability to manage their assets at any time is our business so we continually review the best way to do this. Your data remains yours, we will provide you with the platform to manage it 24/7 from anywhere with a internet connection. If you ever wanted to leave then we’d supply all your data in an agreed format for your onward uses.

How do you support my business?

Our customer and technical support team are available Monday-Friday 0800-1700 for your contact whenever required. No additional internal IT resources are needed to provide for this system. We don’t put a limit on any support so we can provide as much or as little as is necessary. We won’t put you through a ticketing system. Just phone or email us and you’ll talk directly to our dedicated team who will respond and look after you immediately.

Can I work offline?

Certainly. Using our handheld software you can log items where you have no connection available at the time. Your data is sent to your dedicated system whenever connection is re-established in a particular area.

Could you convert our entire regular paper based recording to a mobile cloud solution?

Yes, and it pays dividends in the form of much faster checks around your premises. One client reduced his weekly safety inspections from 2 days to 2 hours!

Could you help tag and describe all our fixed assets and portable equipment?

We’ll help you or provide a complete audit all your movable property, so you can manage these all from a financial, insurance, general management or operational basis.

Can Assettrac provide me with everything I will need?

Assettrac can provide all elements of a project in this area, from initial discussions of the right technologies through to implementation and ongoing care.  We can supply tags for Barcode tracking, QR codes, RFID tags or even IOT.We provide customisable online management software, continuous support and technical development, full training, any asset tags and also handheld devices if required.We also supply a onsite asset tagging and data logging service, either as an initial phase or reverification of onsite assets as part of a periodic service.

Can you provide bespoke systems to manage revenue producing assets such as gas cylinders or tote boxes?

Yes we do, and one can link journeys/movements to own invoicing as required.

Will your mobile applications work on Android Smartphones and tablets?

Yes. Depending on your circumstances either use your own Android devices or we can provide ones with an inbuilt scanner for easy of use. Our Apple IoS software will be also be available towards the autumn.

If I have asset data already can I incorporate this into your system?

If the assets are uniquely identifiable then yes this can imported and can be available in your portal to use from the start. If not, then they’ll need to be uniquely identified using a tag so that specific information can be collected about it. We can help you do this or show you how to easily do it yourself. We can also import your list data so information like you locations can be also be available from the start (or just build up as you go.)

Have you conducted audits in commercial, medical or other sensitive environments?

Yes, including hospitals, clinics, hospices and care homes. For the education sector all our auditors are DBS certified. We know our way around universities, hotels, theatres, vet surgeries, and corporate offices too.

Can you integrate this with other systems?

Yes, we have csv import/export functionality either manual or automatic provision as well as providing use of Microsoft ODBC data transfer capabilities for your own connections to be established and connection to any specialised reporting packages you may want to utilise.

Can you provide a demonstration of your integrated solution?

Absolutely, you will be able to discuss with our team and evaluate the program through a live presentation either at your premises or via webinar in any location. We can show you system, its flexibility, and because we have provided services in many different sectors, also tailor it to your circumstances. We feel it’s important to show you similar application usage and relevant to your business.

What if I just want to find out information at this stage and check out my options?

All our team, whatever stage you may be at, are very happy to provide information into the various aspect of your scenario. We are happy to talk generally or specifically and have many years of experience in this subject. We’d be delighted to impart anything that may help in this area.

Got a question? We can help!