• Cemeteries, Crematoria and Natural Burial

Cemeteries, Crematoria and Natural Burial

Increase efficiency and reduce the cost of running your burial services by converting old paper processes to modern digital management

Epitrace tracking solution

Epitrace is an invisibly marking system for your natural burial area linking a unique microchip identification to the burial or ashes register. More accurate than GPS and maintenance free, Epitrace provides long term peace of mind over who is where.

Memorial safety audit

Satisfy insurance companies and comply with legislation. Assettrac can provide fast and low cost safety inspections of your grounds including reports by section or individual memorials ensuring potential dangers are reported an acted upon swiftly.

Memorial safety software

Improve your inspector's productivity, accelerate rolling risk assessment programs, manage repairs and owner correspondence with paper free recording on mobile devices wirelessly communicating with online databases.

Equipment and site maintenance

Ensuring your grounds are fit for purpose can be time consuming work. Make better use of staff time to check and record that all machinery, trees, buildings and boundaries are inspected regularly and safe.

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The only asset tracking software you'll ever need

Centralised Asset Management Service

Cloud-Based Hosting

Easy To Use

Support Every Step of The Way

Safe & Secure

Complete Visibility

Complete Solution

  • Scalable tailor-made asset management software
  • Continuous customer and technical support
  • We can recommend and provide any hardware requirements

Easy to Use

  • No more paperwork
  • Intuitive online portal
  • User friendly interface

Fast and Mobile

  • Access information 24/7
  • Works on mobile, hardy scanners and tablet and use any desktop browser
  • Scan all types of tags QR, Barcode, RFID we can recommend and provide

Understand Your Business

  • Update your system easily, report on your latest item information and locations in no time
  • Create digital inspections for your items. Undertake different inspections for areas or items if you need too
  • Undertake area walkarounds or surveys quickly and easily