Our Global Partners

Wherever you are in the world, we partner with the leaders in their field to deliver customisable asset tracking solutions that deliver cost savings and operational excellence.

We like to work with the Best Asset Tracking Service Providers Worldwide

We speak your language. From Bejing to Lusaka and Birmingham to Lima, no one business is the same. For more than 20 years, we’ve been supporting customers with tailorable asset management software and apps for tracking, tagging and managing asset information and digital processes all over the world.

In this time, we’ve built long-standing relationships with local market specialists who work hand-in-hand with us to transform clients’ workflows to help them save time and manage their resources more efficiently.

on-site asset auditing, asset tagging & verification partners


With a worldwide presence servicing 43 countries, RGIS provides on-site inventory services no matter the size or scale. In the UK, they work with leading retailers such as Sainsburys, Tesco and Harrods, as well as across hospitality, health and fitness sectors.  Across the world, Assettrac works very closely with RGIS for large-scale asset auditing, verification and other data gathering projects, ensuring they are completed speedily and in real-time using our customisable systems.


RGIS partners with Assettrac for worldwide digital asset tracking software and solutions

Web and Data Infrastructure Partners

FASTHOSTS – part of the IONOS group

UK web hosting and data management specialists they are our ‘go-to’ for our data
management and IT architecture.


AWS Amazon Web Services UK

A truly global data management organisation, we utilise both Amazon’s national and international network and expertise to manage specific applications and cross-backup data as key part of data resilience and SaaS business continuity processes for our clients.


Hardware Partners


A leading provider in bespoke technology solutions and services for end-to-end supply chain management and specialising in hardware solutions.



A global B2B solutions distributor, providing expertise in the specialty electronics channel for value-added resellers and manufacturing partners.


assettrac partners with zebra for technology, barcodes and RFID


Assettrac is an accredited ISV Independent Software Vendor – and RFID specialists, providing Zebra’s range of hardware products to provide end-to-end solutions with their hardware and drawable expertise.


teltonika are an Assettrac technology partner,.


Teltonika develop and supply industry-leading hardware and technology powering smart devices and transmitting data worldwide, with a key focus in IoT, RTLS, Active tracking applications, Industry 4.0, Smart City and Green Energy.



Impinj are RAIN RFID specialists. Assettrac uses Impinj hardware for many real-time asset tracking applications and end-to-end solutions using their real-time technology.


Asset Tag Partners


Assettrac has partnered with Custom Labels for many years.  Custom Labels are specialists in customisable tags designed to meet the requirements of each client and that remain robust and effective, no matter the environment in which they are used.



Our local asset tag specialists, they provide tags for traditional barcode and identification applications and are specialist providers for anodised aluminium.


Seritag are an NFC tag partner for Assettrac Asset Management Solutions


A leading worldwide provider NFC tags, Seritag has built some of the most advanced post-manufacture encoding and ID printing machines in the sector delivering exceptional accuracy. Assettrac’s partnership with Seritag helps us provide whole solutions, seamlessly integrating their hardware with our Assettrac software.


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