Schools, academies, and universities are now moving from spreadsheets and paper records to modern cloud based asset management systems to track their equipment and inspections.

In practice this means using barcode labels, mobile devices and software to create fast paper free solutions, more productive staff and demonstrate compliance with DfE regulations.

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The system is easy to use, saves a significant amount of staff time and doesn’t stretch the budget.

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Don't lose equipment. With a fast paper free process, you can afford to audit those vulnerable items and rooms more often, reducing the chance of theft. Check out items on loan to students and set return dates.

With up-to-date inventories you don’t fail the asset register provisions of SFVS.

Stay on the right side of your inspectors, accountants and insurers. We help you create a clear picture of all your equipment so you don't have to waste time searching for items in the wrong place, or looking for something that has already been disposed of.

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"We are very proud to be accredited as an approved supplier by the NASBM - we’ve even conducted an asset audit at their own premises!"

"In partnership with SAAF providing them with Education Asset Audit Services"


Benefits Box

  • Computerised asset management means within a few seconds you can see each item you own and its history on your PC, tablet, or smart phone 24/7 from anywhere
  • No need to spend weeks checking and locating every item
  • Making the transition is not a huge disruption - we can label everything and create the inventory for you, then set up the program so you can keep it up to date

How does it work?

What needs replacing or testing? Easy equipment maintenance recording.

Whether it’s site machinery or fixtures such as boilers or fire alarms, regular inspections, testing, maintenance and repairs are all part of the premises responsibilities. Scanning the equipment or M&E label displays the last inspection record, you edit it, and the program keeps a record of who did what when for the complete life cycle. It is not only fast but preserves your reputation for sound management and can be proved after an accident.

How does it work?

It’s easy to get set up. We do all the hard work of tagging and recording at your premises, creating your access to the program with user names and passwords, providing training and office hours technical support.



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