1. Why should we talk to ASSETtrac?

We have the expertise to recommend and supply all four elements of an asset management system.

2. Can you provide labels, scanner and software as an integrated solution?

Yes, all types of label or microchip, hand held scanners and tablets, desktop or cloud based software programs, all under one roof, much more convenient.

3. Could you tag all our M&E/FF&E to convert all our regular paper based recording to a mobile cloud solution?

Yes, and it pays dividends in the form of much faster checks around the premises. One client reduced his monthly safety inspection from 2 days to 2 hours!

4. What about tagging and describing all our fixed assets and equipment?

We’ll audit all your movable property, including capturing serial numbers and allocating a replacement cost too, very useful for budgeting, procurement, and accurate insurance purchase.

5. Can you provide systems to manage revenue producing assets such as gas cylinders?

Yes we can, and link journeys/movements to invoicing.

6. Will your mobile applications work on Android Smart phones and tablets?

The main online program can be viewed on any Internet connected device and the mobile application is now available on Android as well as Win o/s.

7. Have you conducted audits in medical environments?

Yes, including, health trusts, PCT’s, and care homes.

8. Are you a full service company?

Yes, we write all our software here and provide installation, set up, training, and technical support.

9. What about the security of our data stored on web servers?

Server Hosting-  Technical Information in Brief:
Hosting Company-  Racksense - ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified.
Physical Security-  Assettrac webservers are stored in locked cabinets, within a 24/7 manned facility along with CCTV and building wide access control.
Data Security-  All Assettrac webservers have RAID1 mirrored disks, so if one set fails the other will take over without data loss. Firewalls and anit-virus software are installed and maintained on a continual basis.
Backup-  Backup data is stored on RAID 1 mirrored disks for fault tolerance. Backup data is also copied and stored in off-site storage systems every 24 hours. Restoration time after a complete failure is less than 4 hours (in normal office hours).

For a free demonstration give us a ring on 01273 491267.