If you’re a property or premises manager with furniture, fittings and equipment (FF&E) or mechanical and electrical (M&E) responsibilities you have a lengthy schedule of rolling maintenance, safety inspections and risk assessments throughout the year.

Paper based records increase your vulnerability; they can easily get lost, stolen, or damaged and they are much harder to keep organised. Having an accurate asset management system can protect you should you have to appear in court.

Computerised asset management can keep track of every fixed or moveable asset throughout your building. From health and safety compliance to keeping track of items passing through your premises, our system saves you hours of time and keeps all your data organised on the PC, on the hand held device, or online.

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Digital asset management helps you:

Stay compliant

From electrical tests, to emergency equipment inspections, you can monitor your compliance status. Accident investigations are becoming more rigorous every year so you need an efficient system to stay legal and preserve your organisation’s reputation. Save time handling external audits, meeting compliance standards, and settling claims.

Prevent the loss of equipment

Keep track of all your moveable assets on the desktop system or online, so that things don’t go missing. The barcode scanning system is the most cost effective way of doing this. The more vulnerable items can be checked more often.

Track new purchases and disposals

Tag and log new items straight on to the inventory either on the PC or the hand held device. Use the disposal function to write off old equipment or surplus machinery.

Key Benefits

Paperless asset management can help you in many ways:

  • Save many working days when auditing your equipment stores
  • Discover missing items more quickly
  • Create ‘to do’ lists for any period
  • Use the system for maintenance of CCTV, emergency lighting, plant & equipment, accessibility equipment, HVAC, etc.
  • Record assessments such as age, condition, and status, or damage made by third parties on hire equipment
  • Export data to Excel, other management programs or a handheld device
  • Stay secure. All your data is safe and backed up on offsite servers.

How does it work?

Save time by making your regular rounds much more efficient

The scanner in your pocket is your mobile database. Logging users with date and time of each scan allows for fast reporting of loss or damage and routine checks on emergency lighting, PIR detectors, disabled facilities and
so on.

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