IT departments are often the most asset rich departments in your organisation, with responsibilities for buying, commissioning, repairing and disposing. The latest asset management technology is the most cost-effective way to keep track of your ICT equipment, stay compliant with regulations, and conduct audits.

There’s no longer any need to spend time building paper inventories or trawling through old spreadsheets to find out where equipment is located, who is using it and what actions need taking.

Using the management software with barcode labels and hand-held scanners, companies are now streamlining the way they keep track of day to day IT tasks.

Whether you want it on a desktop, local area network or as a service on the internet all these topologies are available.

No need to make the transition alone.
We can take the set up phase off your hands.

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Barcodes, scanners and software help you:

Track both fixed and moveable items

From barcodes on laptops for onsite home use, to warranty repairs or server room audits, you can track any item and keep a history of it. Set up a database for software on PC’s licences and track expiry dates too.

How does it work?

Security and back-up

Your data is safe on our servers which is backed up off site to ISO27001 standards

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Benefits Box

Using online asset management systems means you can:

  • Import existing asset registers
  • Track equipment between offices, rooms, people, vehicles, and storage to other locations without using a tick sheet
  • Carry out fast audits of spaces where assets are stored, plus equipment bookings such as for laptops for home use or offsite repairs
  • Barcodes can be small for use in server rooms, and tamper resistant
  • Scan any barcode to display machine characteristics
  • Be alerted to overdue borrowings
  • Export filtered data to other programs

A SaaS asset management system may be better for your organisation?
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