You can now tag and track any physical asset using a barcode label and scanner linked tracking system. Once tagged, useful financial information can be attached to the asset register records, including for example: date of purchase, price, condition, retirement date and current replacement cost. This helps you easily identify what capital expenditure to budget for in the coming year.

Purchases and disposals

Via the user set up, put management controls in place to determine who is authorised to tag and log new items onto the system, and also who is authorised to dispose.


Our software allows depreciation at any rate on either basis and records the change. It’s more accurate to run this on the live database rather than in the finance program.

Our valuation service

We have an extensive database of prices covering most items in a fixed asset register and can provide a generic value on each when we submit an audit report.

Balance sheet fixed asset values

How do you or your accountants know if the current figure is correct without an up to date inventory?

Contents Insurance

Without an asset register you can’t be sure whether sums insured are correct, as purchases and disposals rarely cancel each other out.

Asset tracking means avoiding nasty surprises from insurance companies. It reduces your chances of under insurance and keeps your proof of ownership safe from fire and theft. How much easier it is to deal with the loss adjuster when, after the science block has burnt down, a minute on the program displays what was in the building and the replacement cost.

Flexible Access

Reduce your administration time with a programme that’s built for single or multiple access via any Internet connected device.We help you create a financial picture for each asset by tracking the changes from purchase to disposal or write off. Attach real pictures too and correspondence.

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Benefits Box

Using a PC-based asset management system means you can:

  • Keep the inventory up to date more easily
  • Print reports or export to other management systems
  • Create different views of asset data according to job responsibilities
  • Authorise fast, paper free audits of any rooms or equipment stores
  • Verify your inventory value & improve insurance purchase and claims handling
  • Operate flexible depreciation calculations for year end book values and balance sheets
  • Budget for new equipment without searching for old supplier invoices
  • Adopt best practice and comply with external regulations more efficiently
  • Identify underutilised or surplus assets

How does it work?

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