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Free Guide to Asset Management

A general introduction to identification tags, asset auditing, hand held scanners, and cloud based tracking software.

A one page introduction for commercial clients

A brief guide to services and benefits.

Education Establishments


1. Free guide to asset management for schools, academies and higher education


All you need to know about introducing a system to comply with the asset register obligations under SFVS             and the Academies Financial Handbook.

2. One page advice on

a) Barcode label selection
b) Asset registers
c) Hand held scanners
d) Premises management

Mobile terminals and tablets

Examples of hand held devices integrated for use with barcode labels or RFID tags and online software

Cemeteries and Natural Burial Grounds


1. Reducing costs in cemeteries and crematoria


Accelerating safety checks, making the team more productive.

2. Free Guide to Grave Identification


A general guide to marking graves in natural burial grounds and other cemetery assets.

3. Epitrace Grave Plot Identification User Guide


A detailed user manual for our Epitrace system.