Natural burial grounds all over the UK

What’s the problem?

  • Natural burial grounds permit very limited forms of visible memorial and it is often difficult to identify plots in the long term. This is particularly important when family interments or exhumations occur many years after the first burial
  • An increasing volume of burials and changes in scenery and staff over the years make identification difficult.

  • Download our free guide to marking graves in natural burial grounds

What did ASSETtrac provide?

  • We supply microchips, scanners and software to identify unmarked graves and link each to the burial register (book or PC) using our Epitrace system.
  • We have provided over 80 UK public and private sector ‘green’ cemeteries with an RFID microchip grave peg which lies under the ground near the grave.
  • The unique identification number can be scanned without disturbance to the grave and the details of the deceased can be seen on a hand held computer.
  • The chip requires no battery or maintenance.
  • The technology is highly resistant to weather conditions and does not deteriorate with time.

Safety First for ASSETtrac and GreenAcres Woodland Burials

With over 150 acres of woodland to their name, GreenAcres Woodland Burials were keen to ensure that their record keeping on tree health, safety inspections and facilities management was first rate.

So they turned to ASSETtrac to help with providing a flexible field-based solution that did not compromise on quality and reliability. After several successful trials both parties are pleased to announce the launch of the first electronic natural burial ground asset tracking tool.

GreenAcres Woodland Burials who have sites in Norfolk, Essex and Buckinghamshire have moved all paper based safety inspections and facilities maintenance recording to hand held mobile terminals with online storage for each burial ground enabling the woodland team to accurately record what is going on in the woodland and report back immediately on any issues that need to be raised.

Jez Perkins Group Woodland Manager said "This new system will make our record keeping more efficient and robust, allowing continuous remote auditing from any location and enable immediate roll out to new sites as we expand our business"

ASSETtrac Ltd has grown quickly since it was formed in 1999. The Company specialises in the supply of barcode or RFID identification tags, integrated with hand held terminals and desktop or online tracking software.

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