Salvatex Recycling Group is an established and reputable family run national business based in Corby, Northamptonshire. Their group contribute to environmental performance by taking waste into a “closed loop” recycling system. From collection to sorting and grading analysis to professional recycling, Salvatex provides a simple, hassle-free, end-to-end service solution that is tailored to meet their customers’ needs.

One word springs to mind – ‘Brilliant’ – Assettrac is a very clever organisation and has benefited us enormously. We have the right solution, for the right price at the right time in our growth stage

Robert Almond
Managing Director
Salvatex Recycling Group

The Challenge

As a consistently growing business and as part of their overall business improvement plan, Salvatex wanted to implement an electronic on/off site ‘goods tracking system’ and to have visibility and ease of management of their many thousands of tote containers. Each tote needed to be uniquely labelled and many were still on customer site or in transit and as such, this represented a logistical challenge.

It was also important for Salvatex to consider the actual labels to be applied to the totes and agree a type fit for purpose. A custom durable ‘black on white’ laminate barcode label was agreed upon. In total, 35,000 sequential labels were ordered.

Salvatex required self sufficiency; they did not want to have 3rd party dependency but it was agreed that they would require initial support and guidance.

Salvatex specified that they wanted a cloud based tracking solution that would integrate with existing systems and with a new check weigher hardware & software solution that was being installed. Ultimately, the Assettrac solution needed to be scalable to Salvatex’s developing needs and to continuously support their business growth and expansion.

The Solution

Assettrac worked alongside Salvatex to label the totes providing on-site resource to demonstrate the required scanning process using handheld terminals with built in linear bar code readers. Utilising Assettrac’s cloud data portal all information updates were uploaded in real time and scanned in/out of the Salvatex processing plant or on/off customer locations.

As a software vendor, it was easy for Assettrac to write the required middleware software to interface with our cloud based data management software (Asset Performer Online) and the new check weigher software. Salvatex now have the ability to weigh the tote and its contents, record the associated data and generate an accurate invoice to their customer for goods received and recycled (with all the environmental and indemnity reports back to the customer). Salvatex are phasing their new asset tracking/management procedures with Assettrac supporting as required at all stages.


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