Auditing helps you identify your physical assets, know what condition they are in and where they are.

We offer asset management auditing support for:

IT technicians and managers
Facilities managers
Property managers
Public sector
Finance managers

Too busy to conduct an audit? We get your database ready for you.

Every asset tagged, described and recorded with a label.

As your fast and accurate auditors, we can carry out the initial labeIing, update the status of current assets and give you an immediate answer to what and where each item is.

We can get your database ready for you.

If you’re too busy to conduct an audit then we can make sure that every asset is tagged, recorded and described with a label.

We are fast accurate auditors

We can carry out the initial labelling and data collection for you, or update the status of your current assets.

Finding out what you need and tailoring our service

We liaise with you to agree your data requirements so that the information we gather is most useful to you.

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The information that we can collect in the initial auditing phase includes;

  • Type / make / model
  • Location
  • Sub-location
  • Quantity
  • Images
  • Condition
  • Serial Numbers
  • Replacement cost
  • Action to be taken
  • Date

How does it work?

Give us a ring on 01273 491267 for the options best suited to you.