Wireless Infrastructure Group

Wireless Infrastructure Group (WIG) is an independent infrastructure company that build and operate communication towers and other infrastructures to enable the connections between networks and communities that rely on their services.

WIG Objectives

To manage an accurate asset information system for communication towers and other wireless infrastructure.

To manage an accurate asset information system for communication towers and other wireless infrastructure.

Unique Asset Number, Description, Model, Quantity, Serial Number, Locations and Responsibility data.

To secure durable asset tags to equipment due to the harsh weather and environment the assets that are being tagged are in.

To obtain the necessary hardware and software to enable designated WIG to conduct their own asset tagging, equipment and information management.

Achieve Offsite Data storage, security and back up services.

Flexibility and easy system, fully scalable and adaptable for future needs and growth.

To control data access and updates by personnel throughout the company.

Complete electronic audit history for each asset throughout its lifecycle.

The Solution
Assettrac were able to offer their customisable online portal, easily tailorable to WIG’s specific asset information requirements and to address their need for real-time field work information and around their processes regarding maintaining equipment located at multiple sites.

Assettrac were able to work WIG staff and help tailor the system for them to capture the right data on site. Assettrac and WIG undertook a during a 4 week trial which included asset tagging and information management at a customer location. Assettrac trained and worked with WIG users onsite to use the software and handheld hardware specifically to collect and adjust their data in real time. This was done at height in varying weather conditions. The associated information collected was sent automatically from their handhelds to their portal system.

After the trial site, Assettrac visited WIG at their Solihull office to train designated office users on their cloud based system to manage all assets and create a work procedure that included this digital information management. Assettrac supports WIG throughout for their system usage, equipment informational needs and on a continuing basis.

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