Rowcroft Hospice

Rowcroft Hospice is a large specialist care institution located in South Devon supporting patients and their families suffering progressive and life-limiting illnesses. Including an extensive twenty-two acre estate the hospice manages three large buildings including offices, kitchens and medical wards as well as thirteen local fundraising stores. After Assettrac consultation with the facilities, IT and financial departments the need for a two part project was recognised.


To identify and log their assets and equipment including furniture, IT, medical equipment and M&E (Mechanical and Electrical) equipment, in situ, based upon pre-agreed specifications and restricted area availability.

To provide a secure cloud-based and paperless mobile solution for the following uses: To offer different departments business information on estate items and worth for procurement and insurance purposes and reduce leakage and expenditure. To maximise utilisation of owned assets and equipment. Track frequently moved items around site and offsite. The facility to undertake safety inspections and monitoring of specific machinery and systems through paperless real-time inspections by key personnel. To provide an audit trail of equipment for full lifecycle management and demonstrate compliance where necessary. To store and archive disposed asset information in case requirement to reference later.

Origins of Relationship
Assettrac were chosen for the ability to provide an end-to-end solution for both the initial information gathering requirement as well the ongoing management solution. This included onsite auditing resources, asset tags, secure and customisable software as well as specific mobile scanning devices for their use out around site/s.

The Approach

Onsite auditors undertook an asset tagging and data collection phase where all agreed items were logged. This phase situated at the main site was completed in 3 days including access to the medical wards and equipment stores at appropriate times. Information was uploaded in real-time to a pre-designed online account.

Assettrac set up Rowcroft’s dedicated online system with all tagged assets from the onsite visit. Onsite training was then provided to key personnel within multiple departments regarding usage of their online account and the functionality attributable to their job roles.

Handheld mobile devices pre-installed with Assettrac’s real-time mobile software was delivered and training provided so that also the facilities team could use this system to undertake quick inspections of equipment wherever they are onsite and be alerted to critical review dates.

After agreement of scope and hardware selection the entire project from onsite asset auditing visit to training users on their cloud-based account was accomplished in a concentrated weeks visit. Rowcroft Hospice were then able to access the details of their asset holding, value in defined areas of the business as well as manage key M&E installations by reporting from our easy access, secure cloud-based portal.

The organisation now benefit from greater asset visibility, maximisation of equipment usage as well as location information and accountability. They are able to access full lifecycle information on the equipment, enable better financial management for future planning and facilities departments to take advantage of the easy asset inspection capabilities for the whole estate.

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