July 2016

The Company is pleased to announce that a pilot project has started with a number of funeral homes within the Funeral Care division of Central England Cooperative. With barcoded wrist bracelets attached to the deceased on collection, the funeral directors are using hand held scanners and online software to store all records and track all movements within the custody chain to raise care quality standards. If successful, the procedure will be rolled out to the whole division.

(Insertion in the Autumn 2016 issue of The Journal - in house magazine of The Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management)

November 2016

The company is delighted to confirm that the project with CEC's Funeral Care division has been a great success. Representatives spent much time with Coop staff assisting the recording process all the way from body collection to final disposal ensuring a paper free posting of all movements and processes on our web server. We await digestion of all the findings leading to a full rollout in due course.

November 2016

We are delighted to announce the latest milestone in our sales of the Epitrace grave marking solution. With a recent order from Send Parish Council in Surrey, the unique microchip based verification system has now been supplied to 100 separate clients running natural burial grounds in the UK, representing around a 33% market share.

November 2016

We are very pleased to announce that an order has been received from BMW to audit 10 of their UK show rooms including the prestigious Park Lane site in central London. The job will involve tagging and creating an up to date register of all their administration assets used in support of their sales teams.


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