We can source almost any type of asset tag including asset labels and RFID microchips. As well as supplying samples, we can recommend optimum label size, material, and content before submitting artwork to you for approval prior to production.

Labels & Tags

There are two types of tag that are ideal for data logging:

  • Barcode labels
  • Radio Frequency Identification tags (RFID) or Microchips

We are completely independent and not tied to any one supplier so we can search for and recommend products from the whole market. We bring many different tag types with us when we come to visit you so that you can test them in person. All labels are designed and submitted for approval before they go into production.


All devices are easy to use, lightweight hand-held devices that synchronise with your desktop or online database. They allow you to:

  • Carry out audits of individual or multiple spaces
  • Move assets
  • Implement a paper free tracking system
  • Manage loan equipment
  • Record maintenance tasks

How does it work?

Barcode labels

These include metallic, hard plastic or vinyl tags. Barcode labels can also be made to be attack and tamper proof so that they can’t easily be removed. They can carry a customised logo, a barcode, a sequential number, and a customised message such as a help desk number.

Barcode labels can also be customised to display a  postcode or phone number.

These tags are appropriate for marking internal assets, buildings, and people where threats, environment, and abrasion are minimal.

Radio Frequency Identification tags (RFID) or Microchips

RFID tags, or microchips each have a unique code number which can be read with various devices from hand-held devices to door scanners.

The advantage of using an RFID tag or microchip is that they don’t deteriorate over time, and if plastic coated, making them perfect for challenging environments. They act as a great security measure and cannot be tampered with easily.

Your RFID tag or microchip could come in many different forms to suit your budget and your environment. Some forms include:

  • discs or pegs for underground use
  • self adhesive badges for IT equipment
  • smart cards
  • nails for trees

Both Barcode labels and Radio Frequency Identification tags (RFID) or Microchips are read with scanners.

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