At the beginning of your asset management improvement process all your assets above a certain value need to be uniquely labelled and described. To make the process as easy as possible, with minimal disruption to your working day, we can do the following:

  • Asset registration and initial audit – Our team of auditors take care of the initial tagging and logging a description and location of each item to form the register.
  • Asset re-auditing – We can return to your premises to tag new assets, confirm current locations, and provide a report on what’s missing since the last visit. Asset conditions can be recorded if needed.

Our highly trained, experienced team can do this at a time to suit you. The exercise is usually completed in a few days, often less than a week.

What assets do we register?

An asset can be anything you own, from a fixed object such as a smoke alarm or an emergency exit in your building, to moveable items in categories such as IT, AV, furniture, catering, medical, science, music, and sports equipment, even trees and tote boxes. We can even help you track people and clinical samples too!

Your inventory might include revenue producing assets, such as leased items, or asset journeys for example medical gas cylinders moving to and from hospitals.

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Benefits Box

  • Sensitivity - Assets are a confidential subject and we treat them as such. Tidiness and respect for client property is an important consideration.
  • Reassurance - All onsite teams are DBS checked and insured up to £5m for public liability. Method statements and risk assessments are available.
  • Productivity - We provide an audit service second to none in terms of data collection and reporting. Our productivity in school and office environments is about 400 items per auditor per day.
  • Flexibility - We can work at night or at weekends.
  • Output - The results are supplied as a csv file for your use, or exported to our secure online database.
  • Independence - With no allegiance to any supplier we can specify the most cost effective labels or use barcode tags already in place.
  • Knowledge - Knowing where to place labels for minimum abrasion and interference is important. We also hold replacement values on about 5000 items of typical office property, including IT, AV, and furniture.
  • Variety - We have audited schools, hotels, business premises, medical facilities, housing associations, care homes, insurance companies, theatres, libraries, and council depots.
  • Convenience - Many companies can produce labels, or scanners, or software, but few provide the entire asset life cycle service.

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