Assettrac has expanded and has moved to new premises!...

New details are Tel 01273 491267, Victoria House, Henfield Road, Small Dole, West Sussex, BN5 9XJ...

Please direct any correspondence to the new address...

See our 'Contact Us' page for more details.

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Key benefits

We're here to give you a sophisticated, secure means to:

  • Take the headache out of inventories and audits
  • Keep your asset information highly secure
  • Stay compliant with industry regulations and make auditing assets simple
  • Always know the location and status of any item you own
  • Build a clear picture of maintenance responsibilities

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Using a combination of barcode labels or RFID microchips along with scanners and asset management software, we give you a system to suit your exact needs.

We make sure you're managing your assets as efficiently as possible. We can do this by auditing items on your behalf and giving you all the tools, software and training you need to get up and running.

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